Noun chalkos (copper) in the New Testament

(Translation from NRSV for the New Testament with a few modifications for a more litteral meaning)


10: 9Take no gold, or silver, or copper (chalkos) in your belts,


6: 8He ordered them to take nothing for their journey except a staff; no bread, no bag, no copper (chalkos) in the belt;
12: 41He sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd putting copper (chalkos) into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums.

1 Corinthians

13: 1If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy copper (chalkos) or a clanging cymbal.


18: 12cargo of gold, silver, jewels and pearls, fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet, all kinds of scented wood, all articles of ivory, all articles of costly wood, bronze (chalkos), iron, and marble,