This section aims to offer knowledge about Jesus, the Gospels, and the whole New Testament and its environment. This knowledge is not directly related to the actualization of the Gospels, but is intended to provide additional information. Above all, it seeks to give a certain New Testament culture. In this sense, they are on the fringe of our discussion of the Gospel commentaries.

In priority, we will find references to what biblical scholars have written on subjects related to the life of Jesus or to passages from the New Testament. Usually, it is a detailed summary of their works: I wanted to avoid too technical debates, but at the same time to give the essence of their arguments. On a few occasions, it is the full text that I present; this will be indicated. In addition to the writings of specialists, I have inserted texts that are considered sources in the New Testament milieu or that help to understand it.

Those who have read the works mentioned will find either a reminder of the important points of their reading, or some clarification. Those who have not read them will find a quick way to get a glimpse of them. I hope to shed some light on a world that is two thousand years old.



Gospel actualization: method André Gilbert, What Does It Mean To Actualize the Gospels?

Full text
Old Testament The Greek Book of Esther

Full text
The Greek Book of Daniel grec

Full text
Atlas, maps, chronology Map of Palestine at the time of Jesus

Topography map of Palestine at the time of Jesus

Map of the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus

Map of The Near East from 1200 to 538 BC

Map of roads in Palestine in the OT period

Map of the Babylonian Empire in the 6th century BC

Map of the Persian Empire in the 5th century BC

Map of Roman Empire in the 1st century

Map of Roman Empire Roads at the Time of s. Paul

Egypt in Ancient Times

The geography of Jesus' ministry

Chronology of the New Testament milieu

Genealogy of Herod the Great

Paul's Activities In The Letters And Acts

Pauline Chronology according to two approches' types

Chart: Periods of archaeology and the history of Israel

The Israelite agricultural calendar

ChristologyLorraine Caza, "The relief Mark gave to the cry of the cross" Science et Esprit, XXXIX / 2 (1987) 171-191.Detailed summary

Michel Gourgues, The crucified one. From scandal to exaltation, Montréal - Paris: Bellarmin - Desclée (Jésus et Jésus-Christ, 38), 1988, 178 p.

Detailed summary
Michel Gourgues, "Croce", in G. Ravasi, R. Penna, G. Perego (ed.), Dizionario dei Temi Teologici della Bibbia. Balsamo: Edizioni San Paolo, 2010, pp. 254-262.

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List of Christological Hymns in the NT  
Biblical commentary and analysisRaymond E. Brown, The Death of the Messiah: From Gethsemane to the Grave: A Commentary on the Passion Narratives of the Four Gospels. 2 v. New York: Doubleday, 1994, 1608 p. Detailed Summary
Raymond E. Brown, The Birth of the Messiah. New York: Doubleday, 1977, 594 p.Detailed Summary
André Gilbert, Analysis of a number of New Testament texts

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Intertestamentary, OT deuterocanonical and apocryphal writings1 Enoch

Full text
1 Esdras

Full text
Letter of Aristeas

Full text
Odes of Solomon

Full text
Prayer of Manasseh

Full text
Psalm 151

Full text
Psalms of Solomon

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3 Maccabees

Full text
4 Maccabees

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Apocryphal writings of the New TestamentGospel of Peter

Texte intégral
Gospel according to John Introduction to the Gospel of John R.E. Brown.

A structure of the Gospel according to John

Detailed summary
Gospel according to LukeAndré Gilbert, "Where was Luke's Gospel written?" Science et Esprit, XXXIX / 2 (1987) 211-228.

Full text
Introduction to the Gospel of Luke by R.E. Brown.

A structure of the Gospel according to Luke

Detailed summary
Gospel according to Mark Introduction to the Gospel of Mark by R.E. Brown.

A structure of the Gospel according to Mark

Detailed summary
Gospel according to Matthew Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew by R.E. Brown.

A structure of the Gospel according to Matthew. A proposal

Detailed summary
Matthew as interpreter of miracle stories. A summary by L. L'Éplattenier on a study by J.H. Held (Matthäus als Interpret des Wundergeschichten)

Detailed summary
Matthean notion of faith: Mt 14:22-33. A study by Andreas Dettwiler published in Études théologiques et religieuses, 73(1998)333-347.

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GlossaryGlossary of a number of terms

LexiconLexicon of Greek-French words from the Gospels-Acts

Life of JesusJohn P. Meier, A Marginal Jew - Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Doubleday (The Anchor Bible Reference Library), New York, 1991-2009, 4 v.

Detailed summary
New TestamentRaymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament. New-Haven-London: Yale University Press, 1997, 936 p.

Detailed summary
Saint PaulAndré Gilbert, "What does it mean to be a community pastor? St. Paul's answer through his handling of the problem of pagan banquets: First epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 8."

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Sources Q Document: Table of Material Usually Allotted To Q

Q Document: The Greek text, its translation and some comments

Table of Sources of Luke's Gospel

SpiritualityAn anthology of the writings of Etty Hillesum

World of the BibleOded Borowski, Daily Life in Biblical Times. Atlanta: Journal of Biblical Literature, 2003, 160 p.