To know us better, here are some biographical elements

André Gilbert

André Gilbert was born in Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec, Canada) in 1947. He started in 1960 as a seminarian at the St-Michel seminary in Rouyn-Noranda and completed in 1968 in Montreal the Bachelor of Arts degree. With his entry into the Dominican fathers community, followed studies at the Dominican University College of Ottawa where he completed the Bachelor degree of Philosophy in 1970, then the Master of Arts in Theology in 1977. Meanwhile, he was ordained as a priest in 1976. After a stay in a parish in Trois-Rivières-Ouest (Quebec), André flew to Paris in 1979 where in 1982 he obtained the Superior Diploma in Biblical Studies from the Catholic Institute of Paris. This period of study is interspersed with a one-year stay at the French Biblical and Archaeological School in Jerusalem. From 1982 to 1989, André was a regular professor at the Pastoral Institute of Montreal as a biblical scholar of the New Testament and lecturer for the University of Montreal, while completing his doctoral studies at the University of Montreal. During this period, he will also be a member of the board of directors of SOCABI (Catholic Society of the Bible). In 1990, he married Sybil Beaulieu. A career and life orientation leads him to complete the bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Montreal in 1993. Since 1994, André lives in Gatineau (Aylmer sector) and worked for 25 years for the Canada Revenue Agency in the information technology branch. He is now retired.

André is a member of the Catholic Association for Biblical Studies in Canada (ACEBAC), the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and the Catholic Biblical Association (CBA). His priority remains understanding the mystery of life using the scriptures, hence this website.

Sybil Beaulieu

Sybil Beaulieu was born in 1949 in Montreal. Studies at Collège Marie de France enabled her to complete the French baccalaureate in 1968. After two years at the school of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, she studied at Sir George William University (now Concordia University) where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts in painting in 1974. Mother of two daughters, Sybil finds in painting the place to express her desire for the absolute.



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