Table of Sources of Luke's Gospel
(based on Raymond E. Brown's book, An Introduction to the New Testament)

Table of Passages from Luke with their Probable Sources

Green color: Mark
Blue color: Lukan material or composition
Pink color: Q Document
1: 1 - 2: 52The Infancy Narrative
3: 1-2aDate of Jesus' ministry
3: 2b - 6Entrance of John the Baptist
3: 7-9Warnings of John the Baptist
3: 10-15John the Baptist's instructions; questioning if he is not the Messiah
3: 16-17John the Baptist's promise of another to come
3: 18 - 22Arrest of John the Baptist by Herod, baptism of Jesus
3: 23-38Genealogy of Jesus
4: 1Jesus in the desert to be tempted
4: 2-13Three temptations (tests) of Jesus by the devil
4: 14-15Jesus' debut in Galilee
4: 16-30Preaching of Jesus in Nazareth and failure
4: 31-44Teaching, healings (demoniac, mother-in-law, many)
5: 1-11Miraculous fishing
5: 12 - 6: 11Healings (leper, paralytic), call of Levi, meal with sinners, fasting (new/old), plucked ears of corn, healing of paralyzed hand
6: 12-16Call of the Twelve
6: 17-19Jesus and the crowd
6: 20aJesus looks up to his disciples
6: 20b-23Beatitudes
6: 24-26Curses
6: 27-30Love of enemies; do not resist evil; give
6: 31Golden rule: what you want others to do...
6: 32-33Love; be merciful
6: 34-35aLend without return
6: 35b-36Be merciful
6: 37a.38cDo not judge; the measure given is the measure received
6: 37b.38abForgive; give
6: 39-40A blind man as a guide; the disciple and the master
6: 41-42A twig in a brother's eye, a beam in his
6: 43-45A good tree does not bear bad fruit; a fig does not come from thorns
6: 46-49To call me Lord and not to act
7: 1-2End of the discourse and entry into Capernaum
7: 3-6aThe elders of the Jews praise the centurion
7: 6b-10The centurion of Capernaum and his servant
7: 11-17Resuscitation of the widow's son from Nain
7: 18-28Disciples of JB; message for him; praise of JB as more than a prophet
7: 29-30The tax collectors justified God, not the lawyers and Pharisees
7: 31-35This generation is not satisfied with either JB or the Son of Man
7: 36-50The forgiven sinner
8: 1 - 8: 3The female entourage of Jesus
8: 4 - 9: 17Parables: the sower, explanation; Jesus' family; storm calmed; healings (a possessed person, the hemorrhaging woman, Jairus' daughter); mission of the Twelve; Herod and Jesus; feeding of the crowd
9: 18-50Confession of Peter and announcement of the passion; following Jesus; transfiguration; healing of an epileptic; 2nd announcement of the passion; question of the greatest; who is not against us...
9: 51-56Departure for Jerusalem, bad reception in Samaria
9: 57-60The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head; follow him; let the dead bury the dead
9: 61-62Following Jesus without taking leave of his family
10: 1Choice of 72 to send on mission
10: 2-12Abundant harvest, few workers; mission instructions
10: 13-16Woe to Chorazin and Bethsaida; whoever listens to you listens to me
10: 17-20Return from mission of the 72
10: 21-24Beatitude on the disciples
10: 25 - 11: 1Love of God/neighbor; Good Samaritan; Martha and Mary
11: 2-4The Lord's prayer
11: 5-8Parable of the friend who allows himself to be bent
11: 9-13Ask; the Father will give
11: 14-15Demons are cast out by Beelzebub
11: 16Ask for a sign from heaven
11: 17-23A strong man guards his palace; not with me is against me
11: 24-26An unclean spirit out of someone comes back and brings seven more
11: 27-28Blessed is she who nursed Jesus
11: 29-32Looking for a sign; sign of Jonah; judgment on Nineveh; queen of the south
11: 33-35Do not put the lamp under the bushel; lamp of the body
11: 36-38The body in the light; meal at a Pharisee's house
11: 39-44Pharisee practices
11: 45A lawyer feels insulted
11: 46-48Woes addressed to the lawyers
11: 49-52The wisdom of God; sending prophets; woes to the lawyers
11: 53 - 12: 1Traps of the scribes and Pharisees; leaven of the Pharisees
12: 2-10All will be revealed; testify without fear
12: 11-12In the synagogues, the Holy Spirit will help
12: 13-21Distance from the goods of this world
12: 22-31Do not worry: birds of the air, lilies of the field
12: 32Promise of the kingdom to the disciples
12: 33-34No treasures on earth but in heaven
12: 35-38Parable about vigilance
12: 39-40Master of the house and thief
12: 41Intervention of Peter: for us the parable?
12: 42-46Blessed is the servant who watches
12: 47-50We ask more of those who have received much; Jesus brings fire
12: 51-53Jesus does not bring peace but the sword; family divisions
12: 54-56Interpretation of the signs of the times
12: 57Why don't you judge for yourselves
12: 58-59Settle before going before the magistrate
13: 1-17The urgency of conversion; barren fig tree; healing a woman
13: 18-21Parable of the mustard seed; leaven in the flour
13: 22Jesus teaches and goes to Jerusalem
13: 23-29Narrow gate; act now; possibility of rejection at the judgment
13: 30-33Pharisees warn Jesus about Herod's intentions
13: 34-35Jerusalem kills prophets, must bless one who comes in the name of the Lord
14: 1-15Healing of a man with edema; choosing the last place; inviting the poor
14: 16-24Parable of the invitation to the great banquet
14: 25Give up everything to follow Jesus
14: 26-27Whoever comes must prefer me to his family and must carry a cross
14: 28-33Strategy of a tower to be built or a king who goes to war
14: 34-35Uselessness of salt that has lost its taste
15: 1-3Reproach of welcoming sinners
15: 4-7Parable about the lost sheep
15: 8 - 16: 12Parables: woman with the lost coin, the lost son and the elder; the clever manager; deceitful money
16: 13One cannot serve two masters
16: 14-15The Pharisees mock Jesus
16: 16-18It is the time of the kingdom; the Law remains; divorce
16: 19-31Parable of the rich man and Lazarus
17: 1Woe to the tempters
17: 2-3aThrow away that which causes scandal
17: 3b-4Forgiving a brother; Peter: how often must we forgive?
17: 5Increase faith in us
17: 6Faith as a mustard seed
17: 7-22The servant who does his duty; healing of 10 lepers; we cannot see the kingdom of God
17: 23-24Signs of the coming of the Son of Man
17: 25Rejection of Jesus by this generation
17: 26-27As in the days of Noah, so will the coming of the Son of Man be
17: 28-29The fate of Sodom
17: 30The day of the Son of Man
17: 31-32The day of judgment: do not return home
17: 33He who finds his life will lose it, he who loses it will find it
17: 34-35The day of judgment will discriminate against two men
17: 36The day of judgment will discriminate against two women
17: 37The place of the judgment
17: 38The place of the vultures
18: 1-14Parables (unjust judge; the Pharisee and the tax collector)
18: 15-43The children; the rich man and wealth; 3rd announcement of the passion; healing of the blind man of Jericho
19: 1-11Zacchaeus; proximity to Jerusalem
19: 12-27Parable of the mines
19: 28Jesus goes up to Jerusalem
19: 29-40The entry of the Messiah King into Jerusalem
19: 41-44Announcement of the punishment on Jerusalem
19: 45 - 21: 33Temple vendors driven out, question about Jesus' authority, murderous vinedressers, tax due to Caesar, Sadducees and resurrection, Messiah son of David, warning against scribes, poor widow's offering, apocalyptic speech
21: 34-38Call to vigilance and last days in the temple
22: 1-14Conspiracy, preparation of the Passover
22: 15-18A first cup
22: 19-20The second cup
22: 21-24Announcement of Judas' betrayal; introduction to the greatest
22: 25-27The greatest must serve
22: 28The disciples stayed with Jesus
22: 29-30aReward for the Twelve
22: 30bThe disciples will sit on thrones
22: 31-32Warning to Peter
22: 33-34Announcement of Peter's denial
22: 35-38The hour of battle approaches
22: 39 - 23: 5Gethsemane; arrest of Jesus; denial of Peter; Jewish and Roman trial
23: 6-16Appearance before Herod and return before Pilate
23: 17-26Condemnation by Pilate; Simon of Cyrene
23: 27-32The women of Jerusalem weep
23: 33-38The crucifixion
23: 39-43The two thieves
23: 44-56The death of Jesus and his burial
24: 1-12The empty tomb
24: 13-53The disciples of Emmaus; appearance to the Eleven; ascension to Bethany